Enhancing Melbourne Cup Elegance With Design Master Colortool® Sprays

The Melbourne Cup – a day of grace, style and elegance. It’s the race that stops a nation, and an event that’s synonymous with opulence and beauty. Whether you’re a professional florist, decorator or an event planner, the Melbourne Cup presents an opportunity to showcase your creativity and craftsmanship. And when it comes to adding that final touch of finesse to your floral arrangements and decor, there’s a secret weapon that professionals swear by – Design Master Colortool® Sprays.

A Dash of Colour Magic

The Melbourne Cup is not just about horses and racing; it’s a day where fashion, flowers and festivities collide. From the lavish hats and dresses to the meticulously arranged floral displays, every detail counts. Floral Craft’s range of Design Master sprays are the secret behind transforming ordinary into extraordinary.  These spray colours are specially designed for florists and decorators, allowing you to infuse your creations with an array of stunning, vibrant hues. Whether you’re matching the racecourse’s theme or crafting customised centrepieces, Design Master gives you complete control over your colour palette.

Perfectly Coordinated Creations

In the world of event planning and decorating, coordination is key. The Melbourne Cup is all about coordinated elegance, where every element comes together harmoniously. With Design Master spray, you have the power to ensure that your floral arrangements, table settings, and decor pieces are perfectly synchronised. Achieving a cohesive look is effortless when you can precisely match colours and create gradients that captivate the eye. It’s the little details like this that set your creations apart and leave a lasting impression.

Versatility Unleashed

One of the standout features of Design Master Colortool® is their versatility. These sprays are suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including fresh flowers, silk blooms and foliage, as well as decorative elements like feathers and ribbons. This versatility opens up a world of possibilities for event planners and decorators. Create unique floral arrangements that defy convention or add a pop of colour to accessories and decor pieces that tie the entire theme together.

Professional Finish by Floral Craft

When you’re working on an event as prestigious as the Melbourne Cup, professionalism is non-negotiable. The Design Master sprays are trusted by professionals for their ability to deliver a flawless finish and whether you’re aiming for a matte, satin, or glossy look, these sprays offer a professional-grade finish that adds an air of sophistication to your creations. They dry quickly and evenly, ensuring that your floral arrangements and decor pieces look impeccable from every angle.

The Melbourne Cup Advantage

Events like the Melbourne Cup demand nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what the Design Master range provides. They are formulated to be non-toxic and non-clogging, giving you peace of mind when working with fresh flowers. These colours are also fade-resistant, ensuring that your creations retain their vibrancy throughout the day’s festivities. Whether you’re crafting floral hats, table centrepieces or venue decor, it offers a level of quality and reliability that professionals swear by.


Design Master Colortool® Sprays – your secret weapon for infusing vibrancy, achieving perfect coordination, and delivering a professional finish that sets your Melbourne Cup creations apart. Transform your artistry, captivate the senses, and make a lasting impression.

Discover the full range of at Floral Craft and unleash your creative vision for the Melbourne Cup and beyond. Explore our collection here and take your floral arrangements and decor to new heights of elegance and sophistication.