The Benefits of Using Fake Flowers for Weddings!

Author: Floral Craft Centre   Date Posted:21 December 2022 

If you are a wedding planner or florist, you would know that the wedding season is a busy and memorable time for you and your business. One of the most crucial decorative pieces to a wedding is the flowers. They make a beautiful statement, tie the colour scheme together and bring happiness and joy to the special day.  

Over the past few years, fresh flowers have become increasingly expensive to work with for weddings. Shortages and inflation have all affected the pricing of fresh flowers causing them to become quite expensive and even unattainable for some brides. So, if you are planning a wedding and your bride is stressing about the budget and questioning whether fresh flowers are an option, don’t worry we have an alternative!  

Floral Craft Centre have beautiful and affordable alternatives. Fake flowers are beautiful and great to work with for so many different reasons. Here are our 5 benefits of using fake flowers for a wedding.  


Affordable and Beautiful:  

First of all, fake flowers are incredibly affordable. You can often get multiple bouquets of fake wedding flowers for the same price that you could get one bouquet of fresh flowers.  

Fake flowers are also made to last, which makes it really cost-effective if your wedding client would be needing to use the flowers for multiple dates (hens, engagement party etc). At Floral Craft, our fake flowers are made of different fabrics, such as synthetic, silk and are shaped into specific designs using wire, glue, and other materials. To help create beautiful and lasting arrangements.  


Low Maintenance:  

Fake flowers are incredibly low maintenance to use for weddings. Rather than stressing about keeping the flowers alive for a hot tropical wedding, you will be able to let the artificial flowers look beautiful all day without having to worry. Plus, the biggest advantage is there is no mess!! No wilting petals, dirt, pollen etc. So, this means you can relax knowing the flowers will be intact and looking beautiful all day long.  


Can Order and Prepare Them in Advance:  

As a florist during peak wedding season, it can be a crazy time, keeping up with high demands and deadlines for florals. The benefit of using fake flowers in wedding bouquets, or as decoration throughout the ceremony and reception is that they can be made in advance. You don’t need to worry about them wilting, dying, or falling apart. The fake flowers will stay intact just the way you left it saving you time and stress.  


Super Easy to Transport… For Destination Weddings:  

Fake flowers do a lot better when travelling compared to real flowers. Whether they are being flown or packed in luggage, you don’t have to worry about them falling apart or getting crushed. Plus, fake flowers make great wedding mementos, still looking as beautiful as they did on the wedding day.  


No Wilting, No Dying, And Can Be Kept Forever!  

There is no need to worry about your fake flowers wilting or dying during the ceremony or reception. They look amazing all day, but they can also be kept for years to come. Brides can keep their bouquets and use it as house décor. A simple reminder of their special day…they may be fake, but they hold sentimental value like no other.  


These are some of the benefits of using fake flowers for a wedding. That can save you money, time and stress. Making the wedding space special and memorable. To buy the best and most realistic artificial flowers for your next wedding, click here

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